Folklore in Games

An example of a famous folklore is Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red Riding Hood has several different versions with several different outcomes. Ever since I was little I have heard several stories of Little Red Riding Hood. One of the stories starts off with the grandmother who lives in the woods is sick Little Red Riding Hood sets out from her house into the woods to take medicine to her grandmother.

When she is walking through the woods she comes across a sneaky wolf who she talks to and tell where she is going. The sneaky wolf tells her to slow down and enjoy her walk through the woods. Little Red decides to stop and pick her grandmother a bouquet of flowers. While Little Red is distracted by the flowers the wolf runs off to the grandmothers house and knocks on the door. He pretends that he is Little Red at the door and the grandmother tells him to come in. He walks in, eats up the grandmother and puts on her clothes.

Once Little Red arrives she finds the door open. She goes inside and into the grandmothers room where the wolf is pretending to be her grandmother. She walks up to the bed and the wolf jumps up and eats Little Red. The wolf then gets back into bed where he falls asleep. A little later the huntsman walks by and hears the wolf snoring and investigates. He was about to shoot the wolf when it occurred to him that he might have eaten the grandmother. The huntsman grabs a pair of scissors and cuts open the belly to save the grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood.

A game that involves this folklore could be made in the perspective of the Huntsman. The game could be about tracking down the Big Bad Wolf and cutting open his belly to save the people he has eaten. To win the game you must save the people the wolf has eaten.


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