Reflection Time

What are two of the most significant things you learned in this course this semester? One of the more significant things that I learned this semester is the combination of the exponential growth and importance of the video game discourse and how it affects the world outside of the target audiences. I was aware of the growing importance of the market, but wasn’t aware of how quickly the growth is occurring. Another significant thing I learned this semester was regarding transmedia. A concept that while I had been aware of in the overarching scheme of modern media, the ins and outs, as well as the importance and potential outreach associated within it is still a concept that I am attempting to understand.

How did the activities, projects, and other learning experiences mesh with your personal learning style?  The structured freedom of the assignments within this course allowed for the creative process to be of more importance than the outcomes, while still having clearly defined assumptions of what each piece should be, but a flexible interaction on how to achieve it. The course also focused more on the growth during and between said assignments, rather than the innate skills and knowledge the students, myself included, had on the topic.

What knowledge and/or skills that you gained from this course could be included on your résumé? Unfortunately, as a EEE Biology major with plans of entering into wildlife biology/conservation and/or animal behavior through ecology, the knowledge gained from this course would be next to, if not completely, useless on my résumé. However, when applying these skills to a more casual freetime experience, the focus on folklore and creativity in storytelling will help expand my capabilities and potential in fiction.


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