What I’ve Learned.

The most significant things I’ve learned in this course this semester is:

Projects using other people is fun.

I can’t tell you how much fun I had interviewing, photographing, and video taping my roommates. My roommate Shawn was the perfect muse. I used him in several blog posts and projects. I really enjoyed having him engaged with the stuff I was doing. People will take interest what you’re if you let them be the star.

Being a critic and being criticized is hard.

One of my least favorite activities was when we had to present our projects in class. I didn’t like having people look at my stuff and judge me. It’s easy to criticize others but it’s hard to listen to people give you feedback. It made me uneasy knowing that people were going to see things I made by hand or see a recording of me.

The learning activities and projects worked fairly well for my learning style.

As someone who learns hands-on the assignments meshed well with me. I also liked watching the videos in-class. The feedback you gave us on our projects was very helpful. I like being told what I need to fix by the teacher. I trust what you have to say.

I gained recording and photography skills.

I did several different types of recordings this semester. Most notability audio recordings. I learned that recording audio is very difficult and becomes extra difficult when you have 2 other people there with you that you have to interview. It’s very hard to not giggle or mess up when you interview. I have a lot of respect for people that can interview others well.

I had to take a large array of pictures this semester. Most notably I learned a lot about angles and light. I learned about how angles can affect the tone of the photograph, and how light can affect what you’re trying to display. Light can also affect the tone of the photograph as well. Shadows are very important when it comes to taking scary pictures!



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